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St Olave’s Church Prayer Cycle

A Prayer for Peace

Holy God, we hold before you all who live close to war and conflict; and all who live close to the threat of war and violence. We remember especially at this time people in Ukraine and Russia. We pray for nonviolent and peaceful resolutions of conflict. Give us hearts of hospitality and sanctuary, forgive us all our hostility and hatred. Bring all people to the humanity you give us, and to the reconciliation and healing for which you gave your life. Strengthen us all to work with you to build justice and peace, reconciliation and healing, in our hearts and homes, in our streets, in all communities, neighbourhoods and nations. Bless all who live for the peace and well-being of others, and make their service fruitful. In the name of Christ,

A Prayer for those affected by Natural Disasters

Compassionate God, source of all comfort,
We pray for the people whose lives have been devastated
by disasters both natural and caused by human agency.
Bring them comfort, we pray.
Protect the vulnerable.
Strengthen the weak.
Keep at bay the spread of disease.
Have mercy on all those working to support those who have lost loved ones or their homes.
And may our response to their suffering be generous and bring you praise.
For we ask it in Jesus’ name,


A Prayer for our Planet

Eternal God, whose Spirit moved over the face of the deep, bringing forth light and life; by that same Spirit, renew your creation, and restore your image in your people. Turn us from careless tenants to faithful stewards, that your threefold blessing of clean air, pure water and rich earth may be the inheritance of everything that has the breath of life, and one generation may proclaim to another the wonder of your works; through Jesus Christ, your living Word, in whom the fullness of your glory is revealed,

Please keep our Priest-in-Charge Revd Liz Hassall and her family in your prayers.

Rev'd Liz Hassall


For intercessions, please email THE REVD KINGSLEY BOULTON
or telephone: 01904 411535

Please keep all our clergy, lay ministers and churchwardens in your prayers.

Please keep our Assistant Curate Revd Nicky Gladstone in your prayers.

Revd Nicky Gladstone

History Revisited

Read about St Olave’s Church and Churchyard

There is a wealth of fascinating information about St Olave’s in the form of several booklets, which you can download to read here.


Services and Private Prayer

Sunday Said Eucharist in Church at 8:30am

A quieter said service.

Sunday Sung Eucharist in Church at 10:30am

Join us for the 'in-person' service at St Olave's at 10.30am. You can find the music for June 2024 here.

Sunday Livestream Service on YouTube at 10:30am

The Sunday livestream (YouTube) service starts at 10.30am, but why not join us from 10.25 so that you can greet other members of the congregation via YouTube Live Chat and hear some wonderful organ playing! The livestream service is available on our YouTube channel to catch up later.

Wednesday Compline online at 9.15pm

Gather on Zoom from 9pm here

Friday Eucharist in Church at 11:30am

Friday Eucharist is offered for people who would feel safer at a smaller and quieter service.

Private Prayer in Church

St Olave's is open during the day for visitors and those who wish to pray.

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Caring for our Church and our Environment

St Olave’s Achieves Eco Church Silver Award & Wildlife Gardening Award

The protection of the environment is a very pressing need in the face of climate change and the over-exploitation of the earth’s resources. This is of particular concern to Christians for whom the natural world is God’s creation, of which we are to be good stewards. 

At St Olave’s we have formed a ‘Go Green’ group. In 2022 we were awarded an Eco Church Bronze Award, followed by a Wildlife Gardening Award in March 2023. In September 2023 we were awarded the Eco Church Silver Award.  This success has been due particularly to our churchyard as a great natural haven for flora and fauna and also to our plans to make our church building more eco-friendly. Events will be planned to share our commitment to the environment, not only with our congregation but also with the wider community.

Olaf the Viking Saint

Olaf the Viking Saint - a talk

by author John Carr | St Olave's Church, 16 February 2023

John Carr at St Olave's Church


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Annual Report and Final Accounts December 2022

APCM Report 2023

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